Dianne is an independent, privately trained, court qualified Forensic Document Examiner. She is a skilled authority in handwriting examination and has completed over 300 cases in which her opinion has been rendered. Dianne can provide forensic examination for disputed documents and/or signatures. Investigation and analysis include but are not limited to: wills, contracts, checks, deeds, account ledgers, medical/dental records, forgeries, idenity theft, anonymous letters, graffiti, handwritten numerals, and computerized and/or handwriten documents.

Dianne is dedicated to providing high quality services with integrity. She will provide an expert verbal opinion regarding the authencity of a signature or on a document, within a timely manner. She can also provide a written letter of opinion. A written letter of opinion can replace an affidavit and is often utilized in court, or pretrial proceedings. If necessary she can provide expert testimony to convince the judge or jury that her opinion is true and correct.

Call our office if:

  • You need handwriting analyzed
  • You are a victim of forgery
  • You have a document that has been tampered with that will greatly affect your life or livelihood.
  • You are looking to receive an objective “expert opinion” that can help your attorney make a strategic decision which can significantly impact the outcome of your case.
  • You need a credible expert witness
  • You are about to lose everything you worked so very hard for because someone forged your signature
  • You are being wrongly accused of a crime you did not commit.
  • You have threatening letters and need to investigate the source
  • You have medical/dental records which have been altered and need to dispute the validity of those records.
  • You have valuable memorabilia and need verification of the signature
  • Your family is being torn apart because of a real-estate transfer
  • A Last Will and Testament that is in dispute
  • You are looking for nothing else than “The Truth” for peace of mind.


Dianne can provide a quick and candid strategy that can bring resolve. Choosing the right document examiner is an important as choosing the right attorney. Dianne can make the difference. Call today (888)-763-8881.

The first consultation is always FREE!